Our Walnuts/Akhrot is of the Highest quality and is grown without using any chemicals or antibiotics to maintain the superior quality we do not do any mixing or coloring in our products GAURANTEED.

Walnut/Akhrot are big, sweet, crunchy!

*1 Walnut/Akhrot PRO is equal to 2 normal Walnuts.

Daily Dose: 2 Walnuts/Akhrot every morning! 


  • Walnuts contains a Gigantic measure of Supplements-

Folic acid
Vitamin B6

  • Walnuts are Super Plant Source of OMEGA 3s
  • Walnuts decrease inflamation-

    Inflammation is at the root of many diseases, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, and can be caused by oxidative stress.

  • Walnuts helps in boosting IMMUNITY.
  • Walnuts support weight control.
  • Walnuts may help manage and prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Walnuts promotes a Healthy Gut.
  • Walnuts lower Cholesterol Levels.
  • Walnuts support Heart health.
  • Walnuts may reduces the risk of some Cancers.
  • Walnuts may help lower Blood Pressure.
  • Walnuts support good Brain Function.
  • Walnuts work wonders for the hair.
  • Walnuts contain other Plant Compounds- Ellagic acid, Catechin, Melatonin and Phytic acid.



We are providing you pure Kashmiri products directly from farmers with no middlemen interaction and extra charges. We have setup of genuine prices.

With this experience we have had the opportunity to provide with a product line that is of the Highest Quality and Lowest Price.

We are selling directly from Kashmir, so you get the greatest products at lower costs.


Shop in Kashmir is an online shopping website based in Kashmir which delivers products all over India with full customer Satisfaction !! 


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