Shelled Almonds, the powerhouse of energy is widely used all over the world. Its eaten in various forms like raw, soaked, roasted and baked or in different recipes.

It is used in various Indian recipes as well like Kheer, Sewaiya, Biryani, Kashmiri specialty like Sund (a dry fruit recipe loaded with all types of dry fruits), Badam milk, Kashmiri Kehwa or Kashmiri Tea, Ice creams, Kulfi, and the list is endless.

Now coming to its cultivation, it is grown in the hilly region of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal in India.

Kashmiri Almonds are superior in taste and are very popular in India.

There are 2 types of almonds available; sweet and bitter almonds. Sweet almonds come in thick shells and thin shells. The ones with light shells are commonly known as Kagzi Badam/ Almond which can be easily be broken by teeth. Then almonds are naturally preserved by mother nature through the outer shell coating.

The bitter almonds are generally used for making perfumes, extracting oil for cosmetic use. Bitter almond should not be consumed as it has poisonous acid called Prussia acid.

Health Benefits of Almond with Shell

  1. Kashmiri almonds help to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  2. Kashmiri almonds are high in fibre content and are a good option for weight loss management. It also prevents constipation.
  3. It boosts memory and aids in brain development.
  4. Kashmiri almonds control the high cholesterol levels.
  5. Kashmiri almonds give you a youthful glow and improve your complexion.
  6. Kashmiri almonds curb the high levels of sugar in the blood hence good for diabetic patients.
  7. Vitamin E present in almonds acts as antioxidants and hence prevents heart diseases.

Store the almond whole or kagzi badam in a cool dry place.

So these tiny nuts have a lot to offer to you. Include them in your diet to get the benefits regularly.

It is the most simple and easy way to stay fit by consuming something which is equally tasty and healthy.


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